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The crash
The crash
Accident soon as i do not remember anything up to 3 days before the accident; only after doing the hypnosis for regression i will be able to be more concise regarding the described one. For standard to clean the barber's separately never used to do it before going to work for the decathlon (saturday) or when it was going out (sunday) i do not know them to myself what happened in this weekend did not let to go also it was not preoccupied that it had the vacation of the day of the worker. I did the service in the morning because it had gone together in spite of the fact that a few friends caught a few sunbathing `a late in the beach.
I me seat finished service in mybike to fill with a smoke when hole the cell phone it was my boyfriend saying that he was going to stop there in the beach fto take a coffee joined and we exchange a few light kisses (it was he that discovered the accident) when this was put puz - me on the way reached the crossroad of the ave. Of the indians with the museo dos coches of my side there are two signs what there is always green what probably induced me in mistake and another to the front that is not seen so well that according to witnesses of the car which i hit i passed the red, since i have no essse i live only can say that for the height that i must have seen that the sign was red it was too late and i slammed nw bmw i crumpled the deposit of my rampart with my body presuppose what has shrugged me in the rampart to protect me i broke two arms, two legs, the basin and injured the column in the d12, was projected to the ground they say that i babbled a sentence that can have been only “ please do not take the helmet from me ” and i went out
Saturday 23 February, 2008
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