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Hello, my name is isabela, i was born in Luanda/Angola the 18 of june of 1974 and with the colonial war my mother had to run away for Portugal, my father sergeant jumper returned wounded from war, since new i was taught to fight for the things that i wanted and thus i made in my life, i have 33 years but a very young spirit, i never was a dady or mummy girl i was more like the independent sort, and since early i worked to have what i wanted, i married for love at the age of 19 and got divorced 5 years and 13 days later he betrayed me. I only brought my stuff ,i did not shared what we had in comun i rather start from zero so i rented an house i acquired used stuff and a part time job,i start studiyng at night becausei i had quit stuiyng after got married but i never left the soccer team of casal do rato that i was goal keeper (i played soccer for 13 years so it was funny because at night at school i had a free time in my schedule that allowed me to go to the soccer exercises, i left school running to catch the bus , i equiped myselsf in a hurry got the warming exercises in the midle and returned to school hurryto catch the warming ezercices in the midle,after the training i went back to school to have the last class equiped because there was no time for shower and to get dressesd. i gathered money, rented an house in cacém i bought furniture , new household appliances .i had to left the soccer team but i went to the gym to practice weight-training ,i did one hour cardio training and one hour weight-training i kept on studying , has it wasn´t enough i wanted to try step classes of the instructer cristina rocha .don’t ask me how but i got time for that and also to be with my family and friends. Finished the studies did the 12th year and decided to take the secretary course at night, also finished. In relation with sport i kept with the weight-training but during one year i trained kickboxing with the sensei ramos than i wanted to try bts so i ghanged gym(always with two jobs don’t forget that so i did weight-training with luis, bodycombat com a paula castro and fausto as bodypump, i worked out about 3 to 4 hours 3 to 4 days a week .i had a part time and a full time job and i lived the best 4 years of my life alone until i knew M. the thing was going and we end up living toguether during 3 years, tot he house that he wanted to buy it was great besides my possessions then i did not wanted to buy together- he asked for me to leave the part-time against my will i accepted , the relation was positive but 3 years later he fell in love with another person before the separation i had already arranged a part time (in decathlon - material mountainwith the purposet o exchange bike. M. Was against it he rather give it to me but i it wanted to be deserved to fight for time to clean a barber'sall together was for a new objective to buy an house alone only mine that nobody could take me but the day 1 of may of 2006 ae the 1 o' clock of the afternoon destroyed this dream and the time i worked in it was the crash in crossroad of the ave. Das indias with museu dos coches i hit a bmw broke two legs, the two arms ,the basin and i injured the column in the d12 i am paraplegic the treatments in cuba they cost between 40 000€ to 50 000€ i have not this amount and therefore it is why i ask for your help no matter how less the donation is for me it is much high because to drops all boards do an ocean and keep on passing it message i want to walk again the hope do not take it from me! thanks, below there are links that you may consult my blog, my hi5. I lost the happiness in seconds today i smile only with the lips without soul not even heart, do so that the wind turns it to hit my face so tha ti can be happy again thanks here was a of the history of my life i was the non stop girl and i loved my life and i want it back

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Friday 22 February, 2008
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